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Joe has shot over 300 deer,
cut up more than 25,000,
and made a million friends
along the way.
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The Hunter's Guide To Field Dressing, Skinning, and Butchering Your Deer

The secret to great tasting venison starts with proper field dressing. Learn the secrets from Joe on how to do it the right way with this DVD. You get to see the living legend explain it all in clear simple steps that anyone can follow.

This DVD takes you from basic preparation for a successful deer hunt to having dinner from the successful day. 80 minutes of detailed information.

• Watch Joe down a large buck in upstate NY at Top Of The World Estates.

• Joe will then field dress deer with the help of Ed Kranepool

• Watch Joe hang the deer for its initial cleaning, without using sticks. The use of sticks is just one of the myths Joe will dispel throughout the video.

• After hanging, Joe will skin the deer in minutes before your eyes with a simple easy technique.

• If you have a trophy buck worth mounting, Joe will show you how to remove the head and pelt in one piece.

• Watch as Joe cuts up the deer both by hand and with a bandsaw.

• Learn how to cut chops, steaks, roasts, and ribs. He'll also show you how to cut up the liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs.

This DVD also features a quick reference menu which allows you to jump to any section instantly. Want to see how to cut rib chops by hand, or steaks using a bandsaw, one click and you are there. You'll see how to cut up a deer both by hand the way anyone can, as well as how to use a bandsaw, an item available on many game farms and clubs.

This is the definitive guide on how to properly field dress and butcher your deer, newly released on DVD. Order Today.

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