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Joe has shot over 300 deer,
cut up more than 25,000,
and made a million friends
along the way.
Learn the secrets of deer hunting from Joe DeFalco, the world's foremost deer hunter and expert in butchering wild game.
About Joe

To most hunters in the US, his name needs no introduction. He is the author of "The Complete Deer Hunt" which is now in its 13th printing and has sold over 3.5 million copies.

Host of the best selling video, "The Hunters's Guide to Field Dressing, Skinning and Butchering Your Deer", which was the first how-to video on this subject, 1983.

On January 10, 1983, Sports Illustrated Magazine, read by over 30 million people each week, did a six page feature article on Joe and how he made a million friends. People were shocked because Sports Illustrated doesn't write about hunting., and never wrote six pages about a hunter.

Outdoor Life Book Club, in 1969, used a pamphlet written by Joe as a free gift across the country and repeated using it for several years. This was advertised also in Outdoor Life Magazine calling Joe one of the leading authorities on hunting in the nation.

Host of the television series, "The Outdoorsman" which ran for many years.

Host of new national television show beginning in early 1998 called "Outdoors Live!". The show is tentatively set to be shown on the Discovery Cannel with the potential of being viewed by 61 million households

For over 32 years, Joe has done live hunting shows drawing as many as 15,000 people with standing room only crowds, and thousands of hunters turned away every year. The theme of his show is teaching safety, hunting techniques and trying to interest our younger generation about the great outdoors.

Joe has appeared across the United States doing free seminars with various celebrities teaching our younger generation "To Stay Straight With Sports". This was started in 1969.

Joe has had the honor of hunting with two past Presidents, Eisenhower and Johnson and has hunted with over 200 top name celebrities.

Joe has been an active outdoor writer for the biggest part of his life. His columns have appeared in local papers as well as national magazines. He is an active member of the Outdoor Writer's Association of America for over 28 years, and one of the originators of the New York State Outdoor Writer's Association, and has been an active member for over 28 years.

He has appeared on many national news programs giving the hunter's point of view. Joe was the first to be asked to be interviewed on NBC's 11 o'clock news on Friday, November 26, 1993, "The Guns of November". A clip of this interview was used on Tom Brokaw's weekend news program across the United States.

Joe has appeared on many national television shows representing the hunters and their view point. He has always done it free of charge and tried to explain why people hunt and why it is necessary.

Joe owns over 2,000 acres of land in Sullivan County, NY where he hunts and teaches youngsters to stay straight with sports, stay away from drugs and learn to appreciate the great life of the outdoors.

Without a doubt, he's a firm believer that illegal guns have to be taken off the streets to stop the killings. His suggestions would satisfy everyone in the United States today. Joe has been working on trying to get laws passed that a pistol permit will be good any place in the United States.

A Short List of Joe's Accomplishments
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