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Joe has shot over 300 deer,
cut up more than 25,000,
and made a million friends
along the way.
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The Hunter's Guide To Field Dressing, Skinning,and Butchering Your Deer

The secret to great tasting venison starts with proper field dressing. Joe DeFalco, a legend in the world of hunting, will show you how to do it the right way, fast and easy. He's cut up more than 25,000 deer to date. Joe started his career as a professional butcher and a food consultant to the US Army. In 1969, the Outdoor Life Book Club declared him " one of the leading authorities in the nation on the subject." In this DVD Joe will dispel many myths and legends about how you are supposed to field dress and butcher a deer and replaces those myths with facts.

This DVD features an introduction by former NY Mets star Ed Kranepool, who goes hunting with Joe and helps out throughout the video. A quick reference menu allows you to jump to any section instantly for quick reference. If you want to see how to cut rib chops by hand, or steaks using a bandsaw, one or two clicks on the remote and you are there. You'll get to learn how to cut up a deer by hand the way anyone can with some basic knives and a hacksaw. If you want to use a bandsaw, an item available on many game farms and clubs, this DVD will also teach you how to use it.

Joe's techniques make the process fast and simple including skinning. Joe will show you how to skin the deer and remove the head for mounting in one piece. If you ever wanted to know how to cut venison chops or steaks like a professional butcher, this video is the answer.This is the best how to video on the topic, newly released on DVD. By one now and be ready for hunting season. This is a great gift for any hunter, any time of the year.

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